“Don’t mess with Texas” Coins in the News

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“Don’t mess with Texas” Coins in the News

We have some exciting news for the readers of our blog—Don’t mess with Texas coins were featured recently in an article on the Texas Department of Transportation’s website! In fact, according to TxDOT Executive Director James Bass, “’Don’t mess with Texas’ has been a point of Texas pride for three decades and we couldn’t be happier to have it minted into such a meaningful keepsake. What better way to show or share your Texas spirit than by owning or giving one of these truly unique collector’s items?”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re proud to offer these awesome Texas coins. Regardless of whether you’re keeping one for yourself or giving out Texas themed gifts, each of our coins is made to the highest possible quality standards and is sure to provide decades of enjoyment.

Texas Memorabilia Anyone Will Love

What’s even better is that we’re now offering two new varieties of our already incredibly popular “Don’t mess with Texas” coins—a silver plated variation as well as a two tone variety. Regardless of whether you like silver, gold, gold on silver, or silver and gold, each of our Texas coins is the perfect way to display your Texas pride!

Each commemorative coin, regardless of the color variation you choose, comes with a certificate of authenticity and is proudly minted right here in the good old United States of America. We take quality seriously and that’s why we have followed the standards set by minting traditions in order to ensure that you get a product that’s of the highest caliber.

The Best Texas Gifts for the Best State in the Union

The phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” has been a source of Texas pride in the Lone Star State. We truly believe that being a part of a phrase as memorable and iconic as “Don’t mess with Texas” is an honor. We’re proud to carry on a tradition of Texas excellence with every item we product.

The article mentioned above goes on to state that the purchase of our Texas coins “also helps offset the costs of litter pick-up service” and that “on average, Texas spends more than $30 million annually on litter pickup.” The latest statistics report that 650 people join the population of Texas each and every day which is an astounding number of people! You know the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas”? Well that includes the population as well, and with that many people comes a whole lot of trash. Our goal is to help do something about it.

In our opinion, Texas is the most beautiful state in the country and we aim to help keep it that way. We’re extremely proud to lend our services in order to help keep our beautiful state clean and your purchase helps to do just that.

To read the full article that we mentioned above, head over to the TxDOT website and to order a piece of Texas memorabilia in the form of our collectible coins, take a look at our online store. Order yours today!