How to Display Your Texas Collectibles

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How to Display Your Texas Collectibles

If you’re anything like us, your Texas collectibles are an important part of who you are. Rather than simply being possessions, they hold a special place in your heart and as such, they should be displayed proudly. After all, nothing says “Don’t mess with Texas” like a proud display of all of the Texas items you’ve been collecting over the years.

A Few Tips for Displaying Your Texas Collectibles

Of course how you choose to display a collection is a decision that is entirely up to the owner of that collection (and his or her spouse), but we have a couple of pointers that will make things a bit easier for you and hopefully give you some ideas of how to best display something that you hold so close to your heart.

When your family members know that you love getting unique Texas gifts, there’s a chance that you have amassed quite a distinctive collection for yourself, but with so many different Texas items, where should you even start?

Well, first of all, it’s best to decide how you will display your collection based on how you’ve decorated the rest of your home. If you prefer a traditional style, keep things fairly straightforward. If your style is a bit more eclectic, don’t hesitate to be playful with how you display your Texas collectibles.

Perhaps the best way to display any collection is on a large bookshelf. Whether you opt to make a built-in the focus of your home or choose to buy a couple of shelving units from a local store or even adding floating shelves to an empty wall, there’s not likely to be a better way to make sure that your beloved Texas collectibles are proudly displayed for all to see. In other word’s the same thought you put into creating a gallery wall should go into creating a display for your prized Texas merchandise.

The most important thing to remember is that you should organize your collection. Whether you organize by color, by size, or by any other quality, thoughtful organization is the key to making sure your Texas collectibles don’t look out of place. After all, the goal is to create a display that you’re proud to show off, not to make it look like you’ve been hoarding for years.

Another key to the success of your display is to keep at it until it looks perfect. The beauty of doing this on shelving is that you can arrange and rearrange until you get it right. You can also choose to rearrange on a regular basis in order to constantly inject new life into your home by keeping things fresh.

The Most Important Rule For Displaying Your Beloved Texas Merchandise

The best advice we can give you is to do what works for you. While following the rules is helpful for getting an idea, don’t hesitate to break the rules if it makes sense for you to do it! Without a doubt, whatever works best for you is what you should do.

Oh yes, and one more thing. Be sure to display your authentic Don’t Mess With Texas Coins proudly! What better what to show your Texas pride than by giving your Texas coins a spot that’s front and center in your display?

Regardless of which of our Don’t mess with Texas Coins you choose to display (not that we make it easy with our beautiful display cases), you’re sure to get compliments. Let anyone who enters your home know exactly how you feel about your love for the Lone Star State with our commemorative coins. Order yours today and make it a point of focus on your wonderful display of Texas items!