Looking for Unique Texas Gifts?

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Looking for Unique Texas Gifts?

Let’s be honest—there are a number of great Texas collectibles out there, and for good reason!

From Texas winning its independence from Mexico in in 1836 to Texas’s ratification of the Constitution in 1876 to the discovery of oil in the early 1900s to the invention of the Astrodome in 1965 to the introduction of the now iconic phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” nearly three decades ago, there are plenty of great moments in Texas history. After all, with so many pivotal moments in time having occurred right here in the Lone Star State, it’s no wonder that there’s such a demand for Texas merchandise.

Luckily for you, today’s blog is all about one of the most unique Texas gifts that you can purchase for a loved one this holiday season! Here are a few suggestions of people in your life that might love a shiny new “Don’t mess with Texas” coin underneath the tree.


If your grandpa can’t stop talking about Nolan Ryan (one of the greatest baseball players of all time who was not only born in Texas, but also played for two Texas teams and then went on to become the CEO of the Texas Rangers), one of our Texas collectible coins might be the perfect gift. After all, Nolan Ryan is the perfect example of all things Texas excellence, so why not get your grandfather a reminder that “Don’t mess with Texas” and “Don’t mess with Nolan Ryan” go hand in hand.


One of the best parts about our Texas collectibles is that they’ll be equally loved by kids. Did you ever collect something as a kid? Maybe it was stamps, perhaps it was marbles, and it may have even been coins. What better gift for the child in your life than a “Don’t mess with Texas” coin to get him or her started on the road to developing a collection? Because collecting things other than electronic devices seems to be a thing of the past, a unique Texas gift will make the perfect gift for a young loved one.

Friday Night Lights Fans

Not only is it one of the most beloved shows of all time, it’s also set in Texas! Who doesn’t love Coach Taylor and the accurate portrayal of what life in Texas is really like? The show captured the hearts of millions while conveying that even when it comes to high school football, you “Don’t mess with Texas.” What better way to remember the highs and lows you experienced during the show than with one of our Texas collectibles?

Order Yours Today

No matter who you need a unique Texas gift for, our “Don’t mess with Texas” Coins won’t let you down! Whether you prefer a gold coin, a silver coin, or a combination of the two, you’re sure to find that they not only make great Texas collectibles, but they also make perfect gifts for anyone who loves the Lone Star State. Order yours today!