The Best Way to Display Your Texas Collectibles: The Debate Continues

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The Best Way to Display Your Texas Collectibles: The Debate Continues

If you’ve been following along with our blogs about the numerous ways to display your Texas collectibles, then you’re in luck, because in today’s blog, we have more great ideas to help you show off your Don’t mess with Texas coins!

In our last blog, we mentioned displaying your collection of Texas merchandise on a bookshelf, on the mantel above your fireplace, and on the coffee table. For more information, tips, and tricks on how to get that display to look just right, you can read all about it here.

How to Perfectly Complement Your Texas Collectibles

So you have your Don’t mess with Texas coins and you’ve decided where you’ll display them, but the next step in the process is equally important to perfectly complete the look! Now you have to figure out what you’ll display next to them in order to ensure a cohesive look that will have your guests swooning over your awesome collection of Texas products!

We all know that the Lone Star State is the best state in the Union, so why not create a display that perfectly encapsulates all of the things you love about Texas?

Display a Revolver

With American legends like Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and Sam Houston having associations with Texas, it only makes sense that to display a Peacemaker along with your other Texas collectibles. (BONUS FUN FACT: Did you know that Doc Holliday first met Wyatt Earp in Texas?) Whether you opt for the real deal or one of the many reasonably-priced replicas, it’s sure to fit in perfectly alongside your Texas memorabilia.

Cowboys and Texas go hand, after all. Speaking of which…

Display Your Dallas Cowboys Gear

If you’re lucky enough to have a favorite Cowboys jersey somewhere in your collection of Texas merchandise, why not put it on display along with a Don’t mess with Texas coin? Whether you own a classic jersey like Troy Aikman’s or Emmitt Smith’s, or you’re a huge fan of the rookie newcomer Ezekiel Elliott, you can show people that you people that Don’t mess with Texas applies to the Cowboys as well.

Display a State Flag

Is there a classier way to say that you respect the great state of Texas than by proudly displaying our state’s flag? We think not. Pair it with an American flag, either on the wall or in a display case, and put it right next to the rest of your Texas collectibles and you’ll have a display that’s worthy of jealousy from anyone who enters your home.

Order Your New Favorite Texas Collectible Today

However you choose to display your Don’t mess with Texas coin, whether it’s with the rest of your Texas collectibles or on its own, you’re sure to end up with a setup that you’re both happy to look at and proud to show off to your guests.

Choose from silver, gold, or both. Order yours today!