3 Great Ways to Display Your Texas Coins

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3 Great Ways to Display Your Texas Coins

When you have a piece of Texas memorabilia that’s as captivating to look at as the Don’t mess with Texas coin, discovering the perfect way to display it is key. Whether you’ve purchased is as a souvenir from Texas to remind yourself about the excellence of the Lone Star State or you’re knowing for loving unique Texas gifts, it’s likely that you’ll want to figure out where to put your shiny new Don’t mess with Texas coins!

Luckily for you, in today’s blog, we have a couple of different ideas for how to display something as unique as our wonderful piece of Texas memorabilia. After all, keeping your Texas coins tucked away in a drawer somewhere is no way to display a piece of Texas excellence.

On a Bookshelf

There’s a good chance that you have a bookshelf somewhere in your home. Whether you display your collection of books in your living room or in the home office, the top of any bookshelf is a great place to display your Texas memorabilia. Perhaps you keep a plant or two on top of the bookshelf. Maybe it’s the place that collects junk mail (in which case this is the perfect opportunity to trash it and make the use of the top of your bookshelf a bit more intentional).

In fact, having a wide bookshelf will allow you to proudly display each of your Texas-themed gifts in a place that you’re likely to look at each and every day.

On the Mantel

If your fireplace is a focal point in your living room, what better way to display your Texas memorabilia than on the mantel? There’s a good chance that you enjoy the way your fireplace looks (and if not, you may be due for a custom fireplace door) and if that’s the case, why not add to its visual appeal by displaying one of our Don’t mess with Texas coins?

Just imagine it—lighting a fire, looking at your beloved Texas memorabilia, and reflecting on all of the things that make the Lone Star State so great sounds like the perfect way to end a long day, doesn’t it?

On the Coffee Table

One often overlooked area to display a cherished possession is right on your coffee table. You probably spend a good deal of time in your living room, so why not style it in such a way that you can put a bit of Texas memorabilia on display? People fill their coffee tables with art books and other tchotchkes, so why not take it to the next level and proudly display a Don’t mess with Texas coin in the same way?

The best part of all is that you can rearrange the contents of your coffee table is such a way that what’s on display never gets old. It’s the perfect way of keeping things fresh in your living room!

Texas Memorabilia You’ll Love

Each of our Don’t mess with Texas coins comes in a display case, so you have the option of using it or choosing to do something all your own. Better yet is the fact that our Texas coins all come with a certificate of authenticity that makes the perfect complement to your display!

No matter how you choose to display them, we have the perfect Don’t mess with Texas coin for any taste. Whether you opt for a coin that’s silver, one that’s gold, or one that perfectly combines the two, we’re sure that our Don’t mess with Texas coins are a piece of Texas memorabilia that will be proudly displayed in your home for decades to come!