Texas Memorabilia: Proudly Display Your Don't mess with Texas Coins – The Official "Don't mess with Texas®" Coin

A Piece of Texas Memorabilia You’ll Actually Be Proud to Display

Welcome to your home for the best Texas memorabilia on the planet! What makes the Don’t mess with Texas Coin so great, you ask? To put it simply, there are a number of things that make each of our Texas coins so special.

Don’t mess with Texas Coins Are High Quality

Regardless of whether you choose our silver coin or our coin collection, you can be sure that what you’re getting has been made to the highest possible quality standards. Each of our coins perfectly displays some good old fashioned Texas excellence.

Silver Texas Coins

Our Silver Don’t mess with Texas Coin is a 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver coin. The perfect piece of Texas memorabilia for any collector, it is struck to the highest standards in minting tradition and it comes in a clear protective capsule to make sure it stays looking its best. Proudly display your Don’t mess with Texas Coin in the included black velour jewelry display box.

Don’t mess with Texas Coin Collection

Show the world that you’re “Texas Proud” with the official Don’t mess with Texas Coin Collection! This set includes a 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver coin and .9999 fine gold coin. With “Don’t mess with Texas” printed on the front of each coin and the “State of Texas” logo on the reverse, you can proudly display this collection in the included decorative wood and glass jewelry box. Each Texas coin set is individually numbered from a limited edition of 10,000 and includes a certificate of authenticity so you can show everyone who enters your home that you don’t mess with Texas.

Texas Memorabilia That You Just Don’t Mess With

Here in Texas, we’re proud that the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” sums up everything that we love about our great state. Originally designed to help reduce litter on Texas highways, it has since become a way to sum up the attitude that each and every Texan carries with him or herself on a daily basis.

We knew that we needed to create a coin that was as great as the phrase itself and we think that we have done just that. With absolutely no compromise on quality, we proudly mint each and every one of our Texas coins right here in the United States of America.

A Free Gift With Each Order of Our Don’t mess with Texas Coin Collection

It gets better though—the first 100 orders of our Don’t mess with Texas Coin Collection will also get a free copy of “Don’t Mess With Texas: The Story Behind The Legend” as well! You get a beautiful coin collection that will one day be a piece of history along with a book that goes into the history of the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” and how the whole campaign got started.

Proudly display your new Texas coins (and your new Texas book) and show whoever walks into your home that “Don’t mess with Texas” is important to you! Place your order today.

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