Proud Texans


Tim McClure, The Man the Myth the Legend

It all started with a brief from the Texas Department of Transportation. Mr. McClure and GSD&M team in the 1980s were charged with limiting the litter on Texas highways, but didn't want to use the word "litter," which they associated with pets like cats. Thankfully Mr. McClure had a flashback to his childhood bedroom, cluttered with Davy Crockett paraphernalia, and his mother's pleas to clean up his mess. "Don't Mess with Texas" was born.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott


As the 48th Governor of the State of Texas, Greg Abbott continues to build on his long record as a conservative leader who fights to preserve Texas values like faith, family and freedom.

Under Governor Abbott’s leadership, Texas again leads the nation in job creation as a record number of Texans are employed even as the state’s population continues its record growth.